The Trick To Keep Ticks Away From Your Property!

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There is something more than finding ticks in your property: tick-borne diseases and stress come with that. An expert at Pest Control Castle Hill says no matter it is spring, winter, rainy, or summer, the tick can make entry into your home and find ideal conditions to thrive. So, it’s crucial to know how to prevent and get rid of ticks. Let us know more and how to deal with tick here:

Ticks And The Disease They Spread:

There are different ticks found on your property, and each carries a threatening disease. Basically, two main types are soft-shell and hard-shell. Soft-shell prefers to stay on a single host and doesn’t show aggression. In contrast, hard-shell move from host to host in search of a meal. 

Brown Dog Tick: 8 legs creatures with no antennae and flat oval shape. They can range from reddish-brown to gray-blue. They transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans and canine diseases in dogs.

Black-Legged Deer Tick: 8 black legs, no antennae with broad oval shape. They are orange-brown and carry Lyme disease.

The Lone Star Ticks: their body can range from reddish-brown to slate gray with eight legs, an oval shape, and no antennae. They carry Tularemia, Heartland virus, Bourbon virus.

How To Keep Ticks Away From Your Home?

Ticks spend most of their time feeding the blood of animals and people. They love moisture, so attempt some preventative measures to keep them at bay:

Ticks In The Yard:

  • Trim grass, shrubs, branches of trees so that sunlight reaches and removes the dampness.
  • Install fences so that your pets don’t carry ticks to your property.
  • Hang out in tick-safe areas in your yard, like gravel or stone patio.
  • Spray pesticides in your yard, but licensed pest control professionals know better to handle ticks.

Ticks In The Home:

  • Whenever you enter your home from outdoor activities, please do a full body check to ensure you aren’t carrying them in the home.
  • Taking a shower is an effortless way to rinse them off from your body.
  • Also, protect cats or dogs with veterinarian-approved tick treatment.
  • If you find a tick, pick and flush it down the toilet or dispose of it properly.
  • You can apply tick repellent before heading out.
  • Take professional pest control services instead of following social media suggestions.


Some people find it challenging to identify and confuse ticks with bugs and fleas. If you have any doubt with the kind of pest infestation problem you are facing at home, try calling  professional pest control Castle Hill to inspect and exterminate pests successfully. Pest control companies better know and help in determining species and provide effective treatment in the first place.