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The life cycle of a borer takes about 1-2 months in total. Pest Control Castle Hill give clients a life which is free from different kinds of borers. Borer Pest Control is to break the chain of its life cycle. This procedure generally involves borer insecticides. There are various kinds of borer controls, such as Corn Borer, Stem Borer, Wood Borer, and Locust Borer Treatment. Hence, to avail of Borer Control Castle Hill services, contact us on 02 3813 8764.

Adult old house borers usually come out in the summer months to mate and lay their eggs in cracks and crevices of logs and woods. Hence the best time to get rid of these borers is summer. So, grab our wood borer pest control services right away. These services are held in the presence of professionals by using various eco-safe insecticides for wood boring beetles.

The Best Process We Follow To Make Your House And Property Borer-Free

Infestations of these borers will result in the complete deterioration of wooden beams. These borers can make your life pretty unpleasant by destroying various parts of your house. Check out the process we follow to remove borers: 

  • Inspection Of The Area

The toughest part in treating the borers is finding out the site of damage or the affected region. So the first thing our Borer Control Castle Hill experts do after reaching your location is to find the ‘area of infestation’. This will make the process efficient.

  • Remove The Cause Of Infestation

By using certain products which are organic the life cycle of the borers can be broken. In heavily infested plants, the injured part has to be removed. Also, we inspect the damaged sites closely to determine if the larvae can be extracted from the plant. This is done by using suitable tools and by spraying certain chemicals.

  • Control And Remove Borers

We achieve complete borer control by mating disruption and trapping. The products we use cause various mating disruption strategies by using the pheromones which are secreted by females synthetically. It has been successfully evident that they reduce harmful populations of these borers. 

  • Dead Borer Removal

Dead borers can attract other pests, which can again be problematic. So removal of these dead borers post-treatment is also important. It is our responsibility to make sure your house is free from these dead borers. We make sure that the chances of re-infestation are at bay.

We Are Available At All The Properties And Premises In Castle Hill

Our Borer Control Castle Hill team knows what’s best for their customers and also are aware of all the techniques they perform. By using Borer insecticide, we provide various techniques such as corn borer treatment, stem borer treatment, locust borer treatment and wood borer control. 

Pest Control Castle Hill is here to provide you with various solutions to treat any kinds of pests you have been dealing with. Our professionals only use organic types of products that are not at all harmful to your family members. We serve both residential and commercial places in Castle Hill such as hotels, cafes, private homes, businesses, warehouses and restaurants, etc. 

Why Choose Us For Getting Rid Of Borers In Castle Hill? 

We make sure to get rid of the borers most reliably. This will prevent the entry of these borers in future. Our company’s ultimate motto is to not only get rid of borers but also provide you with the best borer controlling treatments. 

  • Maintaining Professionalism

Being professional at what we do is our staff’s main trait. We are completely aware of all the techniques they follow to get rid of the borers. 

  • Using Organic Products 

We only use organic and chemical-free products. These products are safe for your family members but are super effective in controlling the borers. 

  • Hassle-Free Bookings

We are available 24X7 throughout the year. And we charge zero amount to make bookings. Our Borer Control Castle Hill team makes sure to respond to bookings immediately. 

  • Cost-effective 

Our services are priced quite reasonably which are very affordable. Our services are worth your money. 

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Can I avail myself of a free quote for the borer control treatment? 

Yes! You can avail free quotes from us. Be it a part of commercial or residential borer control treatment. 

Is the borer control services expensive? 

We do understand our clients’ concerns when it comes to service costs. So, we charge them minimal prices. You get what you pay for and the services are going to be worth it. 

How long does borer treatment last? 

Depending on the nature of infestation and severity, the effect of the borer treatment can last from 6 months to 1 year. 

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