Why Is It Difficult To Get Rid Of Pests In Summer

Warm Temperature

Insects sleep in winter during cold weather as the air is dry; that is why it is so difficult for them to survive. In winter, there is less food and less food for other insects to eat. Therefore, they stay in their nests until the end of winter. With the onset of summer, insects begin to mate, feed, and grow. In the summer, humidity is high, and insects can find additional sources of food in the environment. Warmer temperatures at this time of year are reaping the benefits of breeding. Some of the most common insects do well at mosquito temperatures as they prefer wet, warm weather, biting insects, termites and ants.

Pest Control
Pest Control

More Production

Insects reproduce and multiply in summer. They use the cold season to get ready for breeding when the summer comes. After a few months of sleeping, they should return to their nests and colonies. Spreading among insects occurs when new chicks emerge from the eggs. Meanwhile, military insects are searching for food to survive. Flies and mice eagerly reproduce in the summer. Mammals come out often in the summer; that is why they release more waste into the soil. Flies not only feed on faeces but also lay their eggs in it. Mice also increased in number in the summer. As the leaves of plants grow back, mice have the opportunity to eat the leaves of plants, seeds, and grass.


In summer, daytime is much longer than nighttime. It means that the light outside will last longer. When there are several hours of daylight, insects find more time to eat. That is why you get a lot of insects during the summer, especially during the day. Insects are infesting people at this time of year. In addition, they can bite and cause infections, too. Since you also go out often during the summer, you may come home with insect-like insects and ticks without seeing them.

Increase Human Resources

Summer is the season when you are most likely to spend most of your time outdoors. And it is a time when you are likely to take a vacation, and the insects will use this to invade your home while you are away. Some of the insects that benefit from increased human activity include fleas, rodents, mosquitoes etc.

Availability of Additional Food Resources    

Summer is a time when food is readily available to all living things. In the summer, you may see cockroaches, lizards, ants, spiders, mice, and termites crawling around your home. The grass is green, and this means that your combination can keep a lot of pests at bay. For that you can hire the best pest control services.


Summer is the most anticipated season, as everyone is looking forward to participating in outdoor recreation. You are probably looking forward to joining a sporting event, going to the beach, or taking a family vacation. However, while the hot season can be fun, it also comes with some hurdles. This is the time when you see an increase in insect activity in your area. 

Some of the contributing factors include- 

  • Warm temperatures
  • Food security
  • Increased fertility
  • Daylight
  • Increased humidity
  • Life cycle
  • Extended human activities

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